Lettre 35: Gago gets his watch!

Lettre 35: Gago gets his watch

I am pleased to announce that yesterday, a generous lady from New York visited  Yeghegnadzor and gave Gago the watch he had dreamed about.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the Frenchman who had suggested he would bring Gago a watch, was not able to come to Armenia as planned--his wife was newly pregnant. We wish the family a healthy baby and mother.

Gilberta Fass read about Gago on my blog (see my Letter # 32) and wrote me to ask if he had gotten his watch. When I said no, she offered to bring him one. You can see his happy face on the attached videos.

Thank you dear Gilberta.

Antoine S. Terjanian

Went there to move mountains, one pebble at a time