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Letter 18: Vayots Dzor's & Syunik's Abraham Srbazan (DRAFT)

Octobre 2004

I was so surprised to find a brand new building in downtown Yeghegnadzor when I returned from Ottawa this October. It is beautiful; its architecture is inspired from Tamanian’s Yerevan and Venice’s Palazzo Ducale.

I was told it was the new Yeghegnadzor University, which had been build by the Primate of the diocese for the Provinces of Vayots Dazor and Syunik, Abraham Srpazan (Bishop Abraham).

There was nothing in that spot last December when we left, and the building was now in use for the school year. Although cranes were still there and construction was continuing. Judging by the length of time it was taking us to “renovate” our B&B/House, I was impressed by this building’s realization and was eager to meet Abraham Srpazan, brief him on our activities and offer him our collaboration and any services we could perform.

I learned that the Srpazan is from Rind (pronounced rrind, as in ring), a small village some 20 kms from our home in Yeghegnadzor, off of the Silk Road…