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Letter 38: To dance is to know you're alive: A film by Bars Media

These are the links to the trailer of a new movie, about to be released by “Bars Media” in Yerevan:, and this one too:
We met Vardan Hovhannisyan, the manager of Bars Media, in 2002, when we first began our volunteer work in Yerevan. He gave us the keys to their small studio on Orbeli St. on our first meeting, so that I can teach folk dances to our volunteers and other interested 'repats'. Vardan himself joined us for the lessons and learned to dance with us.
Vardan is a former Karabagh war journalist and war prisoner whose studio has produced many other movies, notably, “A Story of People in War and Peace”, a film about the Karabagh war; “ The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia” and the hilariously interesting “Donkeymentary” about the island of Lamu in the Indian Ocean off of the Kenyan coast.
Later in 2002, our son Toros came for a visit and was immediately recruited by Bars Media to help promote and …